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All products of our brand try to eliminate unnecessary elements and show the original characteristics of the product.

We will guide you on how to manage your product so that you can use it longer.

  • LEATHER, leather products
  • If the first use of the first use, walk through the windshield.
  • It's weak in many water and heat.Please note that you can't be exposed to rectangular light.
  • If this material was buried, please wipe the rectangular cloth immediately after washing the dry cloth.
  • It is concerned about damage when removing contaminated contamination, so please refer to leather-only cleaner or essence.
  • COTTON, cotton and canvas products
  • All hand washing and machine cells are best to use 30 degrees, and the temperature is best to use 30 degrees.
  • Remove this salt before washing is removed using a stain removal system, and try to test the black product.
  • When you use the machine washing network, you can prevent torn apart from the washing process.
  • It is recommended to walk rather than using drying devices, and the heat can damage the island.
  • ACRYL and acrylic products
  • Due to nature, the nature of materials, it is recommended.
  • Please note that you don't scratch or impact on the sharp water.
  • The spring pool caused by friction, it can easily remove the spring removal of the spring.
  • If you walk on the clothes or gel, you can be transformed and keep it completely dry.
  • PVC and transparent Beach (Byl) product
  • Please note that you don't touch or scratch your products.
  • Because it is vulnerable to humidity, please damage to the heating device nearby or summer.
  • Use soft cloth to brush your cloth to clean cloth.Do not use ethanol, acetone, acetone, and Benzene.